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1、Team Introduction

2、R & D field

2.1 Smart system integration

From the different stages of project establishment, planning, construction, practical application, and later maintenance, under the dual support of "software" + "hardware", we will create an exclusive smart system for the owners. So that the owner can obtain greater economic benefits and have a higher and better experience in all aspects.

2.2 New energy-saving technology exploration

Today, China's construction area is increasing, but building energy consumption is very high (cement and steel use accounted for 40% of the world), the population base is huge, the per capita resource occupancy is small, and the resource utilization rate is low. The exploration of energy-saving technology is imminent. The goal of building energy saving is to maximize the use of various resources, to avoid environmental waste caused by building construction, and to enable people and nature to live in harmony. The main contents are as follows:

1) Able to provide the owner with a detailed overall plan and external environment plan based on building size, volume, orientation, sunshine and other factors to ensure that the building has good environmental applicability;

2) Conduct energy-saving design research on building structure and space layout, make full use of various renewable resources (wind energy, solar energy, etc.) to meet the owner's daily functional requirements and effectively reduce building energy consumption;

3) Use more high-quality and cheaper energy-saving raw materials for the owners to replace the original traditional materials, reduce unnecessary investment on the basis of ensuring the quality of the project, improve the overall energy saving of the building, and truly solve the problems for the owners.

Applications include: ①Application of wall energy-saving technology; ②Application of roof energy-saving technology; ③Application of door and window energy-saving technology; and ④Application of energy-saving technology in HVAC.

2.3 Green building and environmental protection

While the social economy is developing steadily, it is also faced with environmental pollution, global energy crisis, huge energy consumption of buildings and other factors. For this reason, the government has begun to strongly encourage the development of green buildings. Our company has always upheld The principle of serving and benefiting society, actively participating in the design and construction of green buildings, saving resources for customers and society to the greatest extent, protecting the environment and reducing pollution, and providing a healthy and comfortable environment, mainly in the following aspects:

1) Energy saving: Taking full consideration of measures such as comprehensive utilization of energy, from building structure, cooling and ventilation system, lighting and electrical system planning and design to achieve customer energy consumption reduction and cost savings;

2) Land saving: actively improve the efficiency of land use for customers, optimize the layout and design of buildings, set up more green land to improve the ecological function of land use, and improve and beautify the environment, without affecting the area of production and use. Regulate microclimate problems in the region;

3) Water saving: establish and provide better and faster rainwater and sewage recovery systems to promote water recycling;

4) Material saving: Under the premise of satisfying the basic quality required by the building, we explore and develop new material utilization and installation schemes for customers to reduce the environmental load on the use of materials, mainly reflected in low consumption, low energy consumption, low emissions, Six major aspects: pollution-free, multi-functional and recyclable;

In building construction and renovation, fully mobilize the effective communication between the inside and the outside of the building, so that it can automatically adjust to climate change.

3. Realization of value

4. Achievement display

The content will be perfected in later construction projects, and the template can be based on the template fixed on the company website.

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